Why integrate yoga into acting classes?

All good acting teachers say get thee to a movement class! At Actasana we are bringing the movement to you. Yoga is a wonderful teacher into the human condition and an actors job is to be in touch with that heart space. When an actor steps on stage they must tune into their innermost truth. To do this you must be centered in your body, mind and spirit. Yoga taps into all three of those things. Yoga and acting are also similar in the way that they are not to be intellectualized but rather experienced. Integrating a regular yoga practice into the acting craft  encourages relaxation and stimulates the centering needed to use your instincts effectively. When an actor calls upon his/ her instincts on stage bravely and openly it  engages the audience. The marriage of acting and yoga serves the actor in many ways including the advancement and ability to read human behavior. This skill alone provides a powerful tool not only on stage but also in life. Actasana is paving the way for the modern day actor. We believe that acting is a spiritual calling and we support it fully because a good piece of theatre, television or film connects people and that can positively change a life forever.


All the acting classes at Actasana integrate some yoga into the beginning of class. However, if you would like a longer asana practice we encourage you to set up private yoga sessions. Contact us for scheduling.