Lea Marlene | Artistic Director and Founder

Lea is a native Coloradan who earned a degree in Journalism; Broadcast News & Television with a minor in Theatre from Colorado State University. There she hosted a campus television show, interviewing famous bands such as Outkast , Tribe Called Quest and The Black Eyed Peas. 

After college Lea moved to Hollywood where she studied the Meisner Technique with two of the finest Meisner certified teachers in the country, Bill Alderson of the Alderson Acting Studio. and John Ruskin of Ruskin School of Acting. At both prestigious schools Lea was invited into their master classes and received accolades from legends such as David Mamet. 

While in LA Lea also honed in on her behind the scenes skills as she became highly skilled at directing, producing and writing as well. She also developed a stand up comedy act; producing, hosting and performing in numerous comedy venues including the world famous Improv and The Comedy Store.  She earned her business savvy while working as The Director of Events at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica. Her events included such high-profile names as Bill Gates, Lakeshore Entertainment and HBO. 

Yoga has been a significant part of Lea’s lifestyle. She received her Yoga Teacher Certification from The American Yoga School in Santa Monica. receiving her certification stemmed from a strong desire to learn more about the healing qualities of the discipline after she was diagnosed with melanoma.  It was during that time of  deep introspection that Lea found her true calling and began to allow her gifts and talents to be of service to others and thus The ACTASANA Technique, Lea Marlene Actors Studio and The Namastage were born.  She is happy to say that she is 100% healthy today and she is tremendously grateful  to be living her dreams of a creatively fulfilled life  and she is honored to support you in a way so that you may live your dreams too!