What people are saying about our classes and private coaching...

"I love this place!" -10 year old actor

"I refer all my clients interested in taking solid acting classes in the Denver area to ACTASANA." - Los Angeles Based Talent Manager

"My son loves Actasana. The teachers are amazing, and always encourage children to do their best. I highly recommend them."  - Mother of 8 year old student

"This is my favorite acting class ever. I want to come here for the rest of my life!" - 12 year old actress

"The Meisner Technique has had a positive influence in my life."  - Adult Acting Student

"My daughter has been so happy and confident since taking class here." -Mother of an actress in the Young Actors Program

"My private audition coaching session with Lea helped me book the job!"

"I discovered Actasana when I was looking for help in improving my business development and sales presentations for my consulting business. Lea Marlene tailored her coaching to my style and needs resulting in my quickly gaining more confidence, influence and results in my sales presentations and client meetings."

"Great atmosphere, very intimate, just what Denver needed!"

Adult Actors Program - Meisner Technique

Adult Actors Program - Meisner Technique

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Summer Camp 2015!

Summer Camp 2015!

Young Actors Program

Young Actors Program


We are pleased to be included in 5280's Summer Guide!  Check it out here and be sure to go to for more great things to do this summer!


Welcome to ACTASANA Acting Studio and Theatre!

ACT- The reality of doing

ASANA- A pose or series of poses

ACTASANA (ACT ah-sah-nah) 

We are a Sanford Meisner based Acting Studio and Theatre. The acting program integrates yoga into each class helping the students cultivate the energy needed before their work on stage or on camera. This is an all levels yoga practice and is very beginner friendly.

Our intimate jewel box theatre hosts classes, professional play productions on The Namastage, Stand Up Comedy Nights, Workshops, Featured Artists Series as well as a New Filmmakers Night! We are dedicated to providing a welcoming space for actors and non-actors alike. We challenge you to grow artistically and live creatively. Actasana is Denver's off off off Broadway for all things entertainment!

We are dedicated to giving you powerful tools so that you have the freedom for your creativity and authenticity to shine. Our offerings give you the ability to thrive in life, both personally and professionally.

(720)638-2612  1491 South Holly St. Denver 80222