"Within a week of working with Lea I booked off tape and will be working with Disney XD Awesomeness T.V. and will be  a gameshow host.  Heading back to where I LOVE to be.  Hollywood!"  -Gunnar Mitchel Smith 10 years old
"I'm  currently working on a feature film.  It's my first starring role in a feature film and it's a really juicy role,  something I can sink my teeth into. I also recently shot a web series where I was a Russian Spy and got to learn and choreograph a fight scene and that was really fun too!  When I get called in for an audition the first thing I do is call Lea and set up a private coaching lesson because without her I wouldn't be able to really make the role as dynamic,  so I never go on an audition without her advice." -Elena Rose Davis
"I discovered Lea Marlene Actors Studio when I was looking for help in improving my business development and sales presentations for my consulting business. Lea Marlene tailored her coaching to my style and needs resulting in my quickly gaining more confidence, influence and results in my sales presentations and client meetings." -Bruce Wilhelm Touchpoint Strategic

Lea can give you the tools to be calm, cool, articulate and most importantly AUTHENTIC under pressure so that you get the results you desire. If you need a self Taped audition shot and submitted to casting we can do that too!


The package deals are for you if you know you would like to do more than just one- one hour session. That's when it's really in your favor to purchase more hours up front, you get to make a commitment to your growth and save money all at the same time. The sessions are completely geared toward your specific needs. They are completely formatted as uniquely as you are.

Ways Private coaching can help you;

You have...

* A Self Taped Audition you need Shot and Submitted

* A Theatre Audition 

*An Audition to get into an Art School

*A Public speaking engagement

* A presentation for work 


* Maybe you're new to it all and would like to get over some nerves, learn some helpful tools and just have fun.

 In any case, the sessions are completely tailor made to you and how you would benefit the most. The services never expire so if you were to purchase a package you can use them anytime. The packages translate into hours so when you purchase a 20 pack for instance, that’s 20 hours that can be broken up however you’d like. It's entirely up to you, you could utilize 20-  one hour sessions or maybe, 10 - two hour sessions if that is more ideal for you, make sense? It really all depends on well... you,  and that's what makes private coaching so unique and tailor made.

With the help of Lea's expertise and guidance clients have booked pilots on NBC, CBS and Disney, film roles for Paramount and Universal, web-series, TED talks hosting gigs,  and Clients have also been accepted into Drama & Art schools, just to name a few!

Give us a call today to book your session (720)638-2612

Currently Sessions have some Availability on Mondays- Thursdays before 6PM and sometimes there's availability on Fridays. However, please take note that Lea's Private Coaching Schedule does fill up rather quickly therefore we encourage you to call right away to secure your session days and time. Last minute bookings for auditions are accommodated on a first come first serve basis and as availability permits.

Private Coaching
from 75.00

$115 per hour

$75 per 1/2 hour

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Or Purchase A Package And SAVE!
from 475.00

20 Pack:  $1700 ***BEST DEAL - You SAVE $600!*** 

10 Pack:  $900 - You SAVE $250

5 Pack:  $475 - You SAVE $100

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