Learn the technique that greats such as Sydney Pollack, James Gandolfini, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Jeff  Bridges, Jeff Goldblum, Grace Kelly, Jon Voight and many more have studied.  This  transformative technique is designed to get you out of your head and into your heart so you can live truthfully on stage, on camera and in life. This is the sturdiest foundation into the craft of acting possible. Your teacher Lea Marlene trained in The Meisner Technique for over a decade under the tutelage of William Alderson, John Ruskin, Anthony Hopkins, David Mamet, Ed Asner, Dylan McDermott and many other powerfully insightful teachers, actors, directors and writers in the industry.

In addition to having Lea Marlene as your guide weekly she also brings in Master Teachers from LA and Chicago to visit because they love supporting the arts and what we are doing in this community. This is a great way to build connections in larger markets without leaving the beautiful city that is Denver.

Many of our Meisner trained actors have booked film, television, web- series and stage roles as a direct result of investing in their craft by  studying this technique with Lea. We are proud to say that we are the only authentic two year Meisner Technique program offered in the entire state of Colorado. We are honored to provide Denver with the same standard of excellence that is expected of you in LA, Chicago and New York.

 Let us support you in manifesting your dreams. What are you waiting for?

"How could you be late for your dream?"- Mr. Meisner

 Actors Trevor Cody Lyons and Elena Rose Davis Performing a scene from William Gibson's Two For The Seesaw

Actors Trevor Cody Lyons and Elena Rose Davis Performing a scene from William Gibson's Two For The Seesaw

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The Meisner Technique 2 Year Program


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The Meisner Technique 2 Year Program

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"Find In Yourself Those Human Things Which Are Universal." -Sanford Meisner

This program is taken over the course of 18 Months. It is broken up into two 9 month segments called 1st Year and 2nd Year. If accepted into the program the commitment is attending class until the program is completed. We do take breaks in the summer and winter and for certain holidays. Please call for more information about this transformational acting technique that can help actors and non- actors alike in extremely beneficial ways. 

Class meets once a week saving time for actors to meet outside of class for imperative partner exercises and rehearsals for scenes.

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Space is limited enabling everyone to work every class.

Pay Tuition for First 9 Months Up Front and get one month of class FREE

Tuition:  $260 Per Month

What Lea Marlene Actors Studio / Meisner Technique Students Are Saying...

"What I'm learning while growing through The Meisner Technique is the strength of vulnerability, the largeness of sincerity. Letting down the guard of planning, pretence, prejudice, and simply allowing each moment to affect me, the connection with the other students - the other people - is inevitable, and this practice of opening up and being available is as challenging and terrifying as it is rewarding."

- Chris Kaprys

"I've learned so much about myself while taking Meisner; I love how you get to explore different feelings and emotions you would usually stifle in the "real world."

- Whitney Price

" Every day the words "open and available" bounce around in my head. Being open and available in acting allows you to connect with your fellow actors and that is when great things happen on stage, but it also helps off stage, in day to day life. When you focus on others you really notice how closed off we are and when you put even the slightest bit of attention on a stranger, the way they light up and open up is really cool. A barrier if for the smallest moment comes down and its great to see someone let their guard down. I also love the way The Meisner Technique, in acting, teaches you to get so in touch with yourself that you leave yourself alone. And above all else its fun! What's life if you're not having fun doing the things you love, learning new things and meeting talented people? "  

- Art Razo