meisner Technique Repetition Circle
Thursday, July 12th - 6PM-7PM


This is only open to LM Actors Studio Meisner Technique First Year and Second Year Students as well as Graduates of the program. This is a really cool way to gather in the unique community you are. You are all Denver trailblazers as you are a part of the only full two year Meisner Technique program in the entire state! We believe the talent here should have all the same tools they have in larger markets like LA, Chicago and NYC. So it doesn't matter if you're new to this or you already graduated, keep honing in on your craft, building relationships and sharpening the tools in your toolbox. By maintaining your ability to listen aggressively and call out behavior, stay tuned up and ready to work by meeting other like minded artists and do what you love. It's up to you to create the life you imagined, we are here to help.

We are thrilled you asked for it, we listened and here it is! Also, we are happy to say the news get even better... Be sure to mark your calendars because this will be an ongoing circle hosted at the studio the second Thursday of every month from 6pm - 7pm. The re- launch of this studio wide repetition circle July 12th will be a very special one because not only is it the first of the monthly series, we will also be releasing some very exciting news about performance opportunities for you that day. Get the insider info first and be there! If you love something, do it as much as possible. We are here to support, nurture and grow you as an artist. Fuel your creative fire. There's power in showing up for yourself and others, plus it's sure to be a ton of fun! See you soon ,,,

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