Lea Marlene Actors Studio Summer Camp 2017



Academy Awards

(Ages 8 - 12)

We will cast/ develop a Shakespeare play specifically formatted for the actors  who are enrolled in the summer program. That enables every single individual the opportunity to gain valuable experience. Each camper will play a big part in shaping and putting together the show. This  camp is designed to be a fulfilling collaborative process that builds relationships, creativity and imaginations, plus it’s fun!

3 Weeks - June 7th - June 23rd

Meets WED & FRI  8:30am - 12:30pm

Show for Friends and Family last day of camp! (11:30am)


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Golden Globes

(Ages 3 - 7) 

These campers will learn and perform a really fun nursery rhyme. This camp will integrate crafts, movement, imagination, listening skills and plus it's  a ton of fun as every individual camper gets time in the spotlight!

2 Weeks - July 19th - July 28th

Meets WED & FRI  8:30am - 12:30pm

Show for Friends and Family last day of camp! (12pm)

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Teen Film Camp 2017

Teen Film Camp

(Ages 13 - 17)

Teens get to star in their own short film. Camp ends with a movie premiere for friends and family. 

Dates, times and pricing TBD


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